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FK80-2BCDL Twin Boom Face Drill Rig

FK80-2BCDL are modern hydraulic face drilling rigs suitable for medium sized drifts and tunnels with cross sections up to 64 ㎡. The rigs are equipped with a direct control system (DCS) that is robust and reliable.
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FK80-2BCDL Twin Boom Face Drilling Jumbo

FK80-2BCDL are modern hydraulic face drilling rigs suitable for medium sized drifts and tunnels with cross sections up to 64 ㎡. The rigs are equipped with a direct control system (DCS) that is robust and reliable. FK80-2BCDL is equipped with a heavy-duty boom and Focor 550 rock drill for optimized productivity. For greater productivity, rig components are crafted for extreme durability, and systems are based on standard parts to make the rig easy and economical to maintain. When you need high performance drilling, you can rely on CYTJ86A2H to safely increase your production.

FK80-2BCDL Twin Boom Hydraulic Face Drilling Jumbo

To increase productivity, rig components have been engineered for extreme durability and the system is based on standard parts, making rig maintenance simple and economical.

In order to improve production efficiency, the components of the drilling rig are made with extremely high durability, and the system is based on standard components, making the drilling rig easy to maintain and economical.



Rock Drill
Control System
BrandFOCOR550DirectElectric Control System
Shank adapter R32 R38 T38Hydraulic System
Impact power24 kWHydraulic pump Two separate units
Impact rate 60-75 HzPump unloaded at start
Hydraulic pressure230barSystem pressure. Max200 bar
Rotation motorsSeparate rotationHydraulic oil
tank, volume max
250 L
Rotation speed0-300 rpmLow oil level indicator including shut down
Rotation torque980 NmOil temperature gauge on oil tank, electronically supervised
Lub. air consumption 5 L/sElectric oil filling pump
Water consumption50 L/minFiltration 10 um
Weight 190 kgOil filter indicator
FeedWater cooled oil cooler in stainless container
BrandHYTLMineral hydraulic oil
Drill rod length5525 mmTwo remote-controls
Total length7110 mmCarrier
Drill rod length4305 mmDiesel engine Deutz TCD2013L04
Total length5900 mmPower rating at 2300 rpm120kW
BoomTorque at 1600 rpm 618 Nm
Feed extension1800 mmFixed seat for tramming with safety belt
Boom extension1600 mmArticulated steering±38°
Parallel holdingCompleteFour-wheel drive
Feed roll-over360°FOPS roof
Feed dump70°Hydrostatic power steering system
Max. swinging angle±45°Hydrostatic transmission Clark 24000
Air SystemFront axleDana 114
CompressorHigh qualityRear axleDana 114 , ±8° oscillation
Capacity max at 9bar26 L/sFront axle Automatic differential lock, limited slip
Air pressure gaugeTyres14.00 x R24
Electrical SystemClearance outside axlesForward 19° , backward 14°
Voltage380-1000 VHydraulic jacks, front2 extendable
Total installed power158 kwHydraulic jacks, rear2
Frequency2x75 kW

Service brakes 2 separate circuits

 (hydraulically applied, fully enclosed wet disc, brakes)

Starting methodstar/delta(380 V- 690 V)
direct (1000 V)
Thermal overload protection for electric motor Emergency and parking brakesSAHR
Percussion hour meter on operator display  Fuel tank, volume100 L
Digital voltmeter / amperage meter in electric
Electric system24 V
Phase sequence indicator/ Earth fault
 indicator/Battery charger
Batteries2x125 Ah
Transformer8 kVATramming lights8 x 70 W
Cable reel, inner / outer
diameter, mm
660/1600mmWorking lights2x1000 W
Water SystemIlluminated stairs for platform/ brake lights
Hydraulic driven water booster pumpCentral Lubrication System
Water booster pump max
capacity at 15 bar
250  L/minCatalyser, silencer, spirit levels
Min. water inlet pressure, bar2 barGradeability at max load on
 drive wheels 

Traming speed on flat
>14 km/h

Traming speed on incline 1:8>6 km/h

Horn, beacon, and reverse alarm


Advanced PLC control system, telescopic drilling feed, and a FOPS-approved ergonomically designed telescopic protective roof ensures the best production efficiency.


The telescopic feed is easily positioned and steadily stays in place during high impact drilling to help the miners to achieve desired rates in local ground conditions to boost the productivity.


Equipped with patent-wining Focor series hydraulic rock drill, Focor series rock drilling machine has dual-damping system for shock wave absorption and continuous rock contact for high penetration. Lubricated and pressurized surfaces give long service intervals.

FK80-2BCDL Twin Boom Face Drill Rig

FK80-2BCDL Twin Boom Face Drill Rig


FK20-1BCDLSingle11200 mm1910 mm2200 mm6×6 mR32, R38, T3858 kw55 kwdown
FK20-2BCDLTwin11800 mm1900 mm3000 mm8.7  x 6.3 mR32 R38 T38 T45 58 kw55 kwdown
FK80-2BCDLTwin14161 mm2530 mm3091 mm13.4 x 8.65 mR32 R38 T3875 kw120 kwdown
FK80-3BCDLTriple16300 mm2650 mm3790 mm12.79 x 15.6 mR32 R38 T3855 kw173 kwdown

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