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Advantages and disadvantages of remote controlled underground loaders

May. 12, 2021

1. Introducing the development of remote control in mines

In some mines, "5G unmanned mining trucks" have been used for underground mining operations. This unmanned mine truck performs regular operations 1,000 meters underground and achieves remote control through the 5G communication network. The driver can operate the equipment on the surface, which is easier than the previous method of working underground.
Specifically, the driver of the "5G unmanned mining truck" sits in front of the equipment and performs forward, reverse, turn and other actions through remote operation. The electronic screen will clearly display information such as road conditions and vehicle status. Compared with the previous method of working underground, remote operation on the surface is easier and similar to "playing games".

These unmanned mine trucks can still maintain a stable working condition and complete the task of transporting minerals even when no one is driving underground. This intelligent and automated mining method not only changes the working model of the traditional mining industry, but also heralds the future development direction of the mining industry.
2. Advantages of remote controlled underground loaders

2.1. Improve efficiency: Through remote operation, the scraper can be operated more conveniently, while reducing manpower requirements and improving work efficiency.
2.2. Reduce safety risks: Remote operation can reduce the exposure time of workers in dangerous environments, reduce the possibility of accidents, and improve safety.
2.3. Reduce human errors: Remote operation can reduce operational errors caused by human errors, such as equipment damage or casualties caused by improper operation of the scraper.
2.4. Strong flexibility: Remote operation allows the scooptram to operate in areas that are difficult to reach, improving the flexibility and adaptability of the equipment.

3. Disadvantage of remote controlled underground loaders

3.1. High technical requirements: Remote operation requires highly reliable technical support, including network connection, equipment performance, etc., to ensure the stability and security of the operation.
3.2. Strong dependence on equipment: Remote operations require high-performance scrapers and other related equipment to ensure smooth operation.
3.3. High maintenance costs: In order to ensure the smooth progress of remote operations, regular maintenance and inspections of the equipment are required, which may increase the maintenance cost of the equipment.
3.4. Limited by network conditions: Remote operation requires a good network connection. If the network conditions are not good, the stability and security of the operation may be affected.



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