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Application of multi-functional service vehicles in mines

Nov. 22, 2022

What is a multifunctional service vehicle ?

An underground multi-purpose service vehicle is a vehicle capable of providing a variety of services in underground mines. This kind of vehicle is usually designed and manufactured by a professional mining trackless equipment R&D and manufacturing company to meet the needs of underground mining operations.

Multifunctional service vehicles have a wide range of applications in mines. The following are its main aspects:

1) Transportation and installation of small equipment: Using a multi-function vehicle with a bucket, fork and boom, equipment not exceeding 8t and with an overall size not exceeding 1500×1000×2500mm can be transported directly from the ground to the location where it needs to be installed underground. Install. During the transportation process, a bucket or fork is used, and during the installation process, a crane is used to directly install it in place, which changes the traditional hand chain hoist construction, saves a lot of labor, and improves the safety of engineering operations. The transportation and installation of small equipment can include underground temporary switches, temporary water pumps, various monitoring and control facilities, etc.
2)Transportation and installation of equipment in underground substations and pump rooms: Small equipment in substations and pump rooms can be transported and installed using the first plan. Large equipment such as transformers and pumps can be transported using multi-functional vehicles and flatbed trucks. After arriving at the installation site, use a multi-purpose vehicle with a crane arm to install the equipment. The cable is wound on the cable winding machine on the ground and transported directly to the underground laying site for laying.
3) Emergency rescue and rescue: Multifunctional service vehicles can also be used for emergency rescue and rescue in mines. For example, when accidents such as landslides and floods occur in mines, multi-functional service vehicles can quickly arrive at the scene and provide necessary rescue equipment and materials to support the rescue of trapped personnel and disaster management.
4) Environmental monitoring and safety inspections: Multi-functional service vehicles can carry out environmental monitoring and safety inspections in mines, conduct real-time monitoring of the mine's air quality, noise, water quality, etc., and can also conduct inspections of the mine's production equipment, safety facilities, etc. Conduct inspections to ensure safe production in mines.
5) Material distribution and logistics: In mines, material distribution and logistics are very important links. Multifunctional service vehicles can undertake the distribution and logistics tasks of materials, transporting various equipment and materials from the warehouse to the production site, or transporting materials from the production site to the warehouse to ensure the normal operation of the mine.
6) Underground drainage: In mines, drainage is a very important link. Multifunctional service vehicles can be equipped with water pumps for underground drainage to ensure normal production and safety of the mine.
7)Underground ventilation: Multi-functional service vehicles can be equipped with ventilation equipment, such as blowers or fans, to improve the air quality underground, reduce the concentration of harmful gases, and protect the health and life safety of miners.
8) Underground communication: Multifunctional service vehicles can be equipped with communication equipment, such as walkie-talkies or radios, for communication between underground and the surface to ensure smooth and safe communication.
9) Underground drainage and irrigation: Multifunctional service vehicles can be equipped with water pumps and other irrigation equipment for underground drainage and irrigation. When the mine encounters groundwater outflow, it can be drained in time to ensure the production safety of the mine. At the same time, it can also be used for underground irrigation to provide necessary water underground.
10)Maintenance and repair of underground equipment: Multi-function service vehicles can be equipped with necessary maintenance tools and equipment for the maintenance and repair of underground equipment. When underground equipment fails, multi-functional service vehicles can arrive at the site in time for repairs to ensure the normal operation of the mine.

Application of multi-functional service vehicles in minesTo sum up, multi-functional service vehicles are widely used in mines and can provide a full range of services and support for mine production and management. Through the flexible use of multi-functional service vehicles, the production efficiency and management level of mines can be improved, labor costs and safety risks can be reduced, and the sustainable development of mines can be promoted.



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