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How to choose a underground Jumbo

Aug. 18, 2021

1. What is underground drilling jumbo

Rock drilling rig is a kind of rock drilling equipment that uses the drill and blast method for tunnel and underground engineering construction. It can move and support multiple rock drills to perform drilling operations at the same time. The working mechanism mainly consists of a propeller, a drilling arm, a rotary mechanism, and a translation mechanism. According to the traveling mechanism of drilling rigs, they can be divided into rail-wheel, tire and crawler types; according to the number of rock drills installed, they can be divided into single-machine, double-machine and multi-machine drilling rigs.

2. How to select the underground drilling rig 

We have 6 suggestions in this regard.Next we will talk about it in detail.

1) Operating environment and conditions: According to the operating environment (such as mines, quarries, construction sites, etc.) and terrain conditions (such as complexity, slope, rock hardness, etc.), select the appropriate rock drilling rig model and type (such as wheel drilling rig). type, crawler type or propelled type, etc.).
2)  Rock drilling and blasting process requirements: Consider the requirements of rock drilling and blasting process, including drilling layout and depth, tunnel section size and transportation method, etc., to ensure that the rock drilling rig can meet these requirements.
3)  Technical indicators: Evaluate the advancement and technical performance of the rock drilling rig, such as drilling speed, working stability, structural simplicity, operation and maintenance convenience, etc.
4)  Economic indicators: Consider the investment cost of the rock drilling rig, energy consumption, material consumption, equipment maintenance and management expenses, equipment depreciation and other economic factors to ensure the economic rationality and efficiency of the equipment.
5) Mobility and flexibility: Choose a rock drilling rig with strong mobility and flexibility to move freely in various complex terrain conditions and meet different operating requirements.
6)  Operation simplicity and safety: Choose a rock drilling rig that is simple to operate and easy to use, while ensuring that the equipment has safe and reliable design and technology to improve operating efficiency, reduce labor costs, and ensure safety and safety during the operation. stability.To sum up, when choosing a rock drilling rig, you need to comprehensively consider factors such as the operating environment, technical indicators, economic indicators, mobility and flexibility, simplicity of operation, and safety to ensure that the equipment can meet actual operating needs and achieve the best results. Work results.



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