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Mining Solution: Underground Mining Machine

Oct. 07, 2023

1. Introduce Underground Mining : 

Mining, a comprehensive term for energy, is the technology and science of extracting mineral resources from within the earth's crust and from the surface. Mining in a broad sense also includes the extraction of coal and oil. The mining industry is an important raw material industry. Metal ores are the main raw materials for the smelting industry, and non-metallic ores are important chemical raw materials and building materials. Mining method should be defined as: Mining method is the study of the mining method of ore in the ore block. It is an organic combination of mining, cutting and mining work in space and time. Mining method is the general term for mining, cutting and mining work. 

The so-called mining method refers to the method of extracting ore from mineral blocks (or mining areas). It includes three tasks: mining, cutting and mining. The mining accuracy work is arranged according to the size of the components of the ore block, and solves the problems of pedestrians, transporting ore, transporting equipment and materials, ventilation and communication for the mining of the ore block; cutting creates the necessary free surface and ore falling space for the mining; After these two tasks are completed, large-area mining will be carried out directly. These three tasks are all carried out within a certain time and space. Linking these three tasks and making organic cooperation in time and space are collectively called mining methods. 

The concepts of mining methods and recovery methods are different. In the mining method, the specific process of completing the three main operations of falling ore, ore transportation and ground pressure management, as well as the coordination relationship between them in time and space, is called the mining method. The mining technical conditions are different, and the mining methods are also different. The technical conditions for mining ore blocks play a decisive role in which mining technology is adopted, so the mining method essentially becomes the core content of the mining method, which reflects the basic characteristics of the mining method. The mining method is usually named after it, and it determines the mining accuracy of the ore blocks, the cutting method and the specific layout of the mining accuracy and cutting tunnel.

2. Underground Mining Machine 

2.1 Categories included in prospecting equipment

Sand mining drills, walking tractor sand drills, gold panning machines, gold chutes, pipe friction welding machines, exhaust valve friction welding machines, double-cylinder ball mills

2.2 Classification of mining equipment

Rock drills, surface drilling rigs, underground drilling rigs, mining shovel excavators, front-end loaders, rock grabbers, rock loaders, loaders, double-arm loaders, raise drilling rigs, shaft drilling rigs, tunnel boring machines, drum mining machines Coal machines, plows, curved scraper conveyors, self-moving hydraulic supports, bridge loaders, telescopic belt conveyors, drilling machinery, oil production machinery, well work over machinery.

2.3 Classification of mineral processing equipment

Crusher, ball mill, classifier (spiral classifier), magnetic separator, sand making machine, mobile crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher (jaw crusher), Vibrating screen (circular vibrating screen), shaking table, flotation machine, vibrating feeder, trough feeder, mixing barrel (lifting mixer), dryer, disc granulate, high-efficiency concentrate, linear vibrating screen , spiral chute, belt conveyor, rotary kiln, finished product screen, swing feeder, disc feeder, electromagnetic vibration feeder, high frequency screen



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