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The development of mining drill rigs and their advantages

Aug. 18, 2020

1. Introduce drilling rig development

 Drilling rigis an engineering vehicle used for mining operations, usually with the functions of drilling, excavating, loading and transporting.  Drilling rig  have different types and characteristics according to different uses and working environment.
 For example, open pit mine submersible drill car, core drill car, bolt drill car, exploration drill car and so on. Among them, the submersible hole drilling vehicle for open pit mine is mainly used for the drilling operation of open pit deposit, which has the characteristics of large drilling depth and high drilling efficiency. Core drill truck is mainly used for drilling core samples, used for geological exploration and engineering construction design. Anchor rod drilling car is mainly used for anchor bolt support operation in coal mines and other underground projects to improve the efficiency and safety of coal mining. The exploration and drilling car is mainly used for finding mineral resources, with flexibility and portability.
 In addition, there are some special purpose Drilling rig, such as underground Underground Drilling rig, well drilling vehicles, oil drilling vehicles, etc. Underground mining drills are mainly used for underground mining operations, which requires high strength, high stability and high safety. Water well drilling truck is mainly used for drilling for groundwater, used for irrigation, drinking water and other purposes. Oil drills are mainly used to drill for underground resources such as oil and gas. All-electric  Drilling rig jumbo will be a development trend. Due to the popularity of electric vehicles and the progress of battery technology, the efficiency and stability of all-electric drilling vehicles have been significantly improved. At the same time, because the electric drill car in the use process will not produce exhaust gas and other pollutants, so it is more environmentally friendly. Secondly, driverless drilling rig jumbo will also become a research hotspot. Through the introduction of advanced autonomous driving technology, unmanned drilling vehicles can achieve 24 hours of continuous operation, improve production efficiency, and also greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. However, to achieve unmanned driving in the real sense, many technical and social problems need to be solved, such as how to ensure the safety of the drill car and how to deal with the complex underground conditions.
 In addition, the intelligent drilling car is also a future development direction. By introducing various sensors and artificial intelligence technologies, the intelligent drilling car can realize automatic drilling, automatic adjustment of the drill bit position and other functions. This can not only improve the accuracy and efficiency of drilling, but also reduce the reliance on workers and reduce labor costs. Finally, biometrics and remote control of drilling vehicles will also become a trend. By introducing biometric technologies, such as fingerprint recognition and facial recognition, precise control of the drill car can be achieved to ensure that only authorized personnel can operate the drill car. At the same time, through the remote control technology, the operator can operate the drill car in a place far away from the drill car, improving the safety and comfort of the operation. In short, the types and functions of the future Underground Drilling rig will be more and more rich and diversified. With the continuous progress of technology and the change of social demand, the performance and efficiency of Underground Drilling rig will also be continuously improved. At the same time, with the continuous improvement of environmental awareness and the requirements of sustainable development, electric, driverless, intelligent and other new drilling vehicles will gradually become the mainstream.

2. Underground drill rig advantage

Underground Drilling rigis a kind of equipment specially used for underground drilling operation in coal mine, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, precision and safety. Common underground mining drilling car brands include Jinbide, Shanlang, Yunfan Mechanical and electrical, National coal, Fixson, Norsid and so on. These brands of  Drilling rig jumbo usually use crawler walking mode, which has good stability and climbing ability, and can adapt to the complex terrain and harsh environment of the underground coal mine. The main parameters of underground Underground Drilling rig include drilling diameter, drilling depth, drill pipe diameter, climbing capacity, etc. The appropriate models and specifications are selected according to the actual requirements. In the operation process, we should pay attention to safety matters, comply with relevant regulations and operating procedures to ensure operation safety.The characteristics and advantages of the underground mining drilling vehicle will be further introduced below.
1. High efficiency

Underground Drilling rig adopts advanced drilling technology and equipment, which can quickly and accurately complete the drilling operation, effectively improve the drilling efficiency, shorten the drilling time, and thus speed up the production progress of the coal mine.
2. Precision

Precise positioning system and guidance system can accurately control the position and direction of the drill bit and ensure the accuracy and quality of the drilling hole. At the same time, the equipment can also adjust the depth, diameter, Angle of the borehole according to the need to meet different production needs.
3. Safety

Automatic control system and safety protection device are adopted, which can be monitored and automatically adjusted in real time during the drilling operation to ensure the stability and safety of the equipment. In addition, the equipment is also equipped with a variety of safety protection facilities, such as emergency shutdown, overload protection, to effectively protect the safety of operators.
4. Adaptability 

The underground mine drilling car adopts crawler walking mode, which has good stability and climbing ability, and can adapt to the complex terrain and harsh environment of the underground coal mine. At the same time, the equipment can also move and adjust the location of the drill hole to meet different production requirements.

In short, underground mine drilling vehicle is one of the indispensable and important equipment in coal mine production. It has the characteristics and advantages of high efficiency, precision, safety and strong adaptability, which can provide strong support and guarantee for coal mine production.



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