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Introduction of underground drill rig

Mar. 12, 2019


Underground drilling rigs refer to drilling rigs used in underground excavation projects such as underground mine tunnels, railway and highway tunnels, and hydraulic culverts. It can also be used for drilling anchor holes, filling method or room and pillar mining blast holes. The drilling diameter is 25-64mm, the hole depth is 1-5.5m, and 2.5-4m is often used. It is suitable for tunnel sections of 3.2-150m2. The selection of an excavation drilling rig is mainly based on the tunnel section and excavation speed, as well as factors such as the tunnel turning radius and support method.

Structural Features

It is equipped with a sleeve telescopic rotary drill arm and a swing drill arm. The swing drill arm is equipped with a flip bracket to drill side holes and bottom holes in the tunnel. A cycloid hydraulic motor (a pneumatic rock drill gas motor) is often used to drive the propeller. The excavation of low and narrow tunnels is equipped with a telescopic propeller with a propulsion stroke of 1.2-5.5m, and the drill arm is equipped with an automatic translation mechanism of the propeller. To ensure parallel drilling on the working surface, a diesel engine is often used to drive the tire traveling chassis to quickly drive to the tunnel drilling working surface. 

Types of Underground Drill Rig 

Drilling rigs can be classified according to four characteristics:

(1) According to their uses, they are divided into open-pit drilling rigs, underground mining drilling rigs and tunneling drilling rigs. And special drilling vehicles (lifting arm drilling vehicles, mast drilling vehicles and anchor drilling vehicles), etc.;

(2) According to power, it is divided into three categories: pneumatic, electric and diesel drive;

(3) According to the type of traveling chassis, it is divided into rail wheel type, tire type and crawler type;

(4) According to the number of rock drills, it is divided into single machine, double machine and multiple machine. 

Introduce Underground Drilling Rig 

FKDR64Y Remote-control Underground Long-hole Production Drilling Rig is suitable for the minimum 2.6 meters (width) x 2.8 meters (height) tunnel application. The rig is equipped with patent Focor hydraulic rock drilling machine and related mining control system. It can be used for hole diameter range of 45mm-64mm.

FKDR89Y remote-control underground production drilling rigs are used for non-pillar sublevel caving method in underground mining applications. It provides a large coverage area with feed dump of +20° forward and -80° backward. 

FKDR89Y2 underground remote-control production drilling rig is used for middle to large-vein tunneling and mining applications. It is equipped with a Focor  top-hammer hydraulic drilling machine for hole diameter from 51 to 89 (102) mm and a versatile positioning unit to match various methods in production drilling.      



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