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How to maintain underground electric loader

Dec. 14, 2021

Ways to maintain an electric loader include:

1)Train electric scraper drivers to understand and abide by precautions and warnings, check the machine and working environment before work, and operate according to procedures. 

2)Do not roll or unwind the cable excessively, otherwise the machine will be damaged. After parking, cut off the power supply and pull the parking brake before leaving. 

3)When the electric scraper is parked for a long time, it is recommended to disassemble the circuit board or electrical box and put the electrical components in a dry location before installing them before use. This is convenient, safe and cost-effective.

4)According to the instructions, timely lubricate and maintain the equipment to extend its service life. The hydraulic oil must be clean and should be filtered or replaced once a month.

5)During maintenance, all parts of the machine must be in a stationary and stable state, and they must be reliably supported during maintenance under the boom. The center pivot safety link must be installed for transportation and hoisting and must be removed before use.

6)Motors, motor oil pumps, gearboxes, front and rear axles or new diesel engines should be inspected and tightened once a day, and then inspected and tightened once a week in the future.

7)Try to purchase hydraulic oil through regular channels. Before adding new hydraulic oil, it is best to drain all the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank. When doing after-sales service on the construction site, it is best to completely replace the hydraulic oil to keep the hydraulic system clean. .

8)Clean the appearance of the forklift, clean the antifreeze rust fluid in the radiator, cylinder block and water pump, the engine oil in the lubrication system, and the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic system.

9) Remove the battery, apply grease on its poles, and store it in a dark, ventilated room with a temperature of not less than 10°C.

10) Drain the oil in the engine while it is hot, add new oil, and let the engine run at low throttle for a few minutes to allow the oil to evenly adhere to the surface of each moving part.

11) Inject grease into each lubrication point. Coat electrical contacts, connectors and unpainted metal parts with dehydrated petroleum jelly.

12) Loosen the engine fan belt, remove the belt if necessary, wrap it and store it separately, and spray anti-rust agent in the belt groove. The peeled paint on the surface of the forklift should be repainted.

13) Drain the diesel fuel from the diesel tank and clean the fuel tank. Use protective materials to seal the unsealed nozzles of the engine, such as the inlet and exhaust ports, to prevent foreign matter, dust, and moisture from entering. Place all control handles in the neutral position, straighten the front wheels of the forklift, and place the lifting arm in the low position. Use a jack to lift the forklift so that the load is removed from the tires. And check tire pressure regularly. Small forklifts should be parked in a hangar or carport, and the environment should be ventilated and dry.

The maintenance of underground electric loder is very important to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, improve work efficiency and extend the service life. Here are some recommended maintenance methods:

1). Regular inspection: Regularly conduct a comprehensive inspection of the scraper, including various parts of the machine, wires and cables, hydraulic systems, etc. Check for oil leakage, loose hoses, loose bolts, damaged cables, etc., and perform timely maintenance.
2). Cleaning and lubrication: Clean the surface and internal parts of the scraper regularly, especially the bucket and boom. Use appropriate lubricating oil to lubricate each lubrication point, and ensure that the oil level in the tank is not lower than the lower oil level and not higher than the upper oil level.
3). Replace the oil filter and hydraulic oil: According to the instructions, replace the scraper's oil filter and hydraulic oil regularly. The frequency of hydraulic oil replacement depends on the frequency of use and the cleanliness of the hydraulic system. It is generally recommended to replace it every 200 to 300 hours.
4). Check the cable and anchoring device: Check the tension of the drum chain of the scraper cable and whether it is damaged, and clean the cable drum and anchoring device regularly.
5). Tightening and adjustment: Tighten and adjust all parts of the scraper, especially the connecting bolts of the drive axle, various parts of the transmission shaft and supporting bearings.
6). Maintenance records: Establish maintenance records to record the daily use of the scraper, maintenance time, replaced parts and other information to facilitate future maintenance and management.7). Safe operation: Operators need to undergo professional training, be familiar with the machine's performance and operating procedures, and operate in strict accordance with the operating procedures. When the machine is working, it is strictly forbidden to stand around people to ensure safety.
In short, the maintenance of underground electric scrapers needs to be carried out regularly, comprehensively and meticulously, not only paying attention to the surface cleaning and lubrication of the machine, but also paying attention to the inspection and adjustment of internal components. Through reasonable maintenance, the service life of the scraper can be extended, the work efficiency can be improved, and the mining and transportation of underground mines can be carried out smoothly.



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