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What is underground drilling rig ?

Apr. 12, 2024

Introduce the rock drilling rig

The rock drilling rig can support the rock drilling machine to drill rock holes and travel with the help of various power sources. It consists of one or several rock drills and their automatic propellers, drilling arms and their amplitude modulation mechanisms, drilling frames, traveling mechanisms, etc. There are seven categories of mining drilling rigs, surface drilling rigs, tunneling drilling rigs, anchor drilling rigs, underwater drilling rigs, general drilling rigs, and combined drilling rigs; according to the traveling device, they are divided into three categories: crawler type, tire type, and rail wheel type.
In mining operations, selecting the corresponding mining drill rig according to the occurrence conditions of the ore body and different mining methods can improve mining productivity and reduce labor intensity; it not only improves working conditions, but also enhances the safety of mining operations. In medium and small open-pit mines or quarries, rock drilling rigs can be used as the main drilling equipment; in large-scale open-pit mines, they can be used for auxiliary operations to complete slope cleaning, bottom cleaning and secondary crushing.

Rock Drilling Rig Classification:

There are many types of rock drilling rigs, which can be divided into open-pit drilling rigs, underground tunneling drilling rigs, mining drilling rigs, and anchor drilling rigs according to their uses; according to the traveling mode, they can be divided into rail-wheel type, tire type and crawler type drilling rigs; Driving power can be divided into electric, pneumatic and internal combustion engine driven drilling rigs; according to the number of equipped rock drills, it can be divided into single-machine, double-machine, three-machine, multi-machine drilling rigs, etc.

Underground Drilling Rig Feature

The performance of the drilling arm and thruster can meet the requirements of the rock drilling and blasting process in the mine within the working area of the drilling rig;
It has higher productivity and fewer failures;
The equipment is flexible, sturdy and durable, and saves energy consumption.
Reduce the hazards of noise and dust, ensure safe production and improve working conditions,
There is a certain degree of automation
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