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What is underground drilling rig

Feb. 16, 2022

What is underground drilling rig?

Rock drilling rig is a kind of rock drilling equipment that uses the drill and blast method for tunnel and underground engineering construction. It can move and support multiple rock drills to perform drilling operations at the same time. This equipment mainly consists of a propeller, a drilling arm, a rotary mechanism, and a translation mechanism.
In the field of mining, rock drilling rigs have very broad application prospects. Mining is mainly manual mining, which is inefficient and poses great safety risks. The rock drilling rig has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency and high automation, which can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of mining while reducing the safety hazards of manual operations.
In the field of tunnel construction, rock drilling rigs also have broad application prospects. Tunnel construction in my country is mainly based on the drill and blast method, and the rock drilling rig is one of the core equipment of this method. The use of rock drilling rigs for drilling operations can greatly improve construction efficiency. It can also improve the accuracy and depth of drilling, providing better conditions for subsequent blasting work.
With the development and advancement of technology, rock drilling rigs are constantly being improved and upgraded. Modern rock drilling rigs have achieved a high degree of automation and intelligence, can better adapt to various complex terrains and environments, and also have higher safety and reliability. In the future, with the continuous development of the underground engineering field, the application prospects of rock drilling rigs will be broader.
A rock drilling rig is a specialized piece of machinery used to drill blastholes in rock or hard rock for blasting. There are different types of rock drilling rigs according to different classification methods.

Underground drilling rig classification

According to use, it can be divided into:

1). Excavation trolley: Mainly used for excavation of tunnels, inclined shafts and other underground projects.

2). Anchor trolley: mainly used for tunnel support.

3). Mining trolley: mainly used for open pit mining.

Divided according to walking mode:

1). Rail wheel type: can travel on rails and is suitable for long-distance transportation.

2). Crawler type: suitable for walking on uneven ground and has good obstacle-crossing ability.

3). Tire type: suitable for driving on flat ground and has good flexibility.

In addition, rock drilling rigs can also be divided into single-machine, double-machine and multi-machine drilling rigs according to the number of rock drills installed.



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