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What is underground mining machine?

Apr. 07, 2024

Mining is the activity of extracting minerals or other substances of economic value from the underground. The locations of mining are deposits where minerals are relatively concentrated. The substances mined in the mining industry include bauxite, coal, diamonds, iron, rare metals, lead, and limestone . Almost any raw material that cannot be produced by agriculture is provided by minerals. In a broad sense, the extraction of oil, natural gas, and even groundwater can be counted as a mining industry. Mining technology is divided into 2 categories: one is surface mining and the other is underground mining.Today we mainly introduce underground mining.
Introduce underground mining:Underground mining is divided into 4 categories: latent deposit mining, inclined shaft mining, vertical shaft mining, hard rock mining, and drilling mining.
Introduce Underground Machine:

The names of mining, screening, transportation and other various special equipment used in the mining production process. Mining equipment mainly refers to the general term for mining, screening, transportation and other special equipment used in various mining production processes such as coal, ferrous metals and non-ferrous metals.

Mining equipment is the mechanical equipment in the mineral mining system that directly participates in tunnel excavation and mine mining, such as punches, shaft drilling rigs, raise drilling rigs, tunnel boring machines, mining excavators, well-drilling machinery, charging machinery, mining Loading machinery, etc.;
Lifting equipment, that is, mechanical equipment for lifting materials in the mining industry, such as mine hoists, shaft sinking winches, dispatching winches, return column winches, rake winches, pneumatic winches, damper winches, etc.;
Crushing and grinding equipment, that is, equipment for crushing and grinding ore, such as crushing machinery, grinding machinery, etc.;
Screening equipment, that is, mechanical equipment that can distinguish different particle sizes when materials pass through the screen surface; such as vibrating screens and other screening machines;
Washing equipment, that is, mechanical equipment that directly participates in various processes of enriching minerals, such as classification machinery, gravity separation machinery, flotation machinery, magnetic separation machinery, dehydration machinery, special mineral processing machinery, other mineral processing machinery, etc.;
Other special mining equipment refers to equipment and auxiliary machinery and equipment specially used for underground or open-pit mining.
We mainly introduce underground mining loaders among mining equipment
Introduce the underground loader:
Underground loaders are mainly used to load waste materials generated.That is, when mining underground, underground loaders are used to transport soil and rock waste. Additionally, underground mining loaders can fill uneven ground. Usually the underground loaders we use are 2 tons, 4 tons, and 7 tons.
With the development of science and technology, underground loaders are now divided into underground diesel loader and underground electric loader.

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