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Underground Diesel Loader

Underground Diesel Loader

FOCOR Diesel Scooptrams are equipped with diesel engine and designed with flexible moving capability.

FOCOR Diesel underground loaders are equipped with Q460C Alloy Plate and High strength wear-resistant manganese steel plate which has very good Mechanical Property, and the frames will be painted primarily for anti-rust etc.

Main Technical Features Of FOCOR Scooptrams:

Deutz, Cummins, China brand engines for optional;

DANA, Kessler shift transmission and torque converter for optional;

DANA, Kessler and China brand Axles for optional;Four-wheel-drive articulated chassis;

Catalytic purifier & silencer, EPA Tier 3/EU stage 3 EMISSION standard; 

Pilot-operated with joystick control;Compact and flexible for narrow vein mining;

SAHR services/emergency/parking brakes ;Comfortable ergonomics compartment.


Remote control;

Lincoln automatic central lubrication 

Ansul Fire Suppression system.

Fully enclosed cabin with air conditioner.

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1200 kg0.6 m³4910 mm1150 mm1825 mm58 kw

Diesel Engine

FKWJ-12000 kg1 m³5700 mm1300 mm1920 mm
58 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-24000 kg7060 mm1500 mm2009 mm84 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-37000 kg3 m³9350 mm2150 mm2252 mm165 kw
Diesel Enginedown
FKWJ-48000 kg4 m³9400 mm2500 mm2300 mm170 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-614000 kg10502 mm2864mm2545mm 256 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-0.6E1200 kg0.6 m³4960 mm1150 mm1760 mm30 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-1E2000 kg1 m³5710 mm1300 mm1920 mm45 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-2E4000 kg2 m³7130 mm1840 mm1964 mm75 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-3E6000 kg3 m³8600 mm2160 mm2760 mm90 kwElectric Motordown
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