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Underground Diesel Loader

FKWJ-0.6 Underground Diesel Loader

FKWJ-0.6 is a reliable 1.2 ton Underground Diesel Loader. This mini underground diesel loader is designed with a high-strength steel frame and features a heavy-duty, fully mechanical powertrain.
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FKWJ-0.6 Underground Diesel Loader

FKWJ-0.6 is a reliable 1.2 ton Underground Diesel Loader . This mini underground diesel loader is designed with a high-strength steel frame and features a heavy-duty, fully mechanical powertrain. It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, low energy consumption, low noise, high protection level, good power performance, low operating cost and high production efficiency. It is a new type of equipment for small and medium-sized underground mines or mine renovation and upgrading.

FKWJ-0.6 underground loader is a diesel engine-driven machine with low body, hydraulic mechanical transmission, hairpin frame, tire running, and front self-unloading bucket. It can be independently loaded, transported and unloaded by a single person. It is suitable for ore extraction and roadway excavation in mining methods such as segmental caving, empty field, room and pillar, shrinkage, and layered filling.

Detailed configuration of FKWJ-0.6 Scooptram

The FKWJ-0.6 underground mining loader fuel efficient 58KW DEUTZ D914L04 engine delivers powerful thrust for fast bucket filling and high speed tramming for high productivity. FKWJ-0.6 underground mining loader provides excellent hydraulic power for fast loading. There are two types of our hydraulic systems, one is manual lubrication and the other is centralized lubrication system. The main accessories we use for our underground mining loaders are all international brands. The hydraulic motor we use is Danfoss 9M075 imported variable piston motor. The hydraulic pump uses REXROTH A4VG56 fully reversible variable displacement plunger pump .

With superior hydraulic power for fast bucket fills and drive train power for high ramp speeds, this FKWJ-0.6 underground diesel loader clears tunnel headings quickly for quick advances. Engineered to optimize machine width, length and turning radius, enabling operation in narrower tunnels for less dilution and lower operational costs. Long-life components developed for harsh subterranean environments help reduce cost per ton.Long-life components developed for harsh subterranean environments help reduce cost per ton.

Designed with operator and maintenance safety in mind, the rugged loader is equipped with a quiet, spacious and ergonomic cabin. Smart placement of key service areas as well as multiple digital solutions offer easy maintenance access.


1. The closed static pressure stepless variable speed drive system composed of hydraulic variable piston pump and hydraulic variable piston motor is adopted, which greatly improves the production efficiency;

2. The motor is used as the power source, no pollution, low energy consumption, and plateau motors are optional for areas with high altitudes;

3. The cable retraction is controlled by the hydraulic cable drum valve, which effectively protects the transition and extension of the cable and prolongs the service life.

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General Parameter
Loader Weight & Capacity
Rated capacity  1200 kgScooptram weight5500 kg
Length(bucket down)  4910 mmLoad weight6700 kg
Length(bucket up)4780 mmTraveling Performance
Width(bucket)1150 mmForward/backward0-9.8 km/h
Width(frame)1150 mm Grade ability25%
Height(cabin)1825 mmMax. Traction35 KN
Bucket volume0.6 m3 Max. Shovel33 KN
Discharging height910 mmTyre size  8.25-15
Min. Ground clearance145mmTyre pressure0.6-0.7 MPa
Departure angle   15°Diesel Engine
Steering angle left/right 38°BrandGermany DEUTZ
Rear axle swingModel  D914L04
Min. Turning radiusinner 2030 mmType  Air cooling, Tier III, Stage 3A
 Min. Turning radiusOuter 3430 mmRated Power  58KW/2300rpm
Hydraulic PumpBucket
Brand  REXROTHMaterialManganese steel
ModelA4VG56Ejector BucketFor optional
TypeFully reversible variable piston pumpControl system
Hydraulic motor Manual controlYES
BrandDANFOSSRemotor controlFor optional
Model90M075Fire system
TypeImported Variable
piston motor
Manual Fire extinguisher  YES
Lubrication systemCentralized Fire extinguisher  For optional
Manual lubricationYES

Centralized lubrication For optional


Strong:This small LHD is designed with a high-strength steel frame. The steel structure frame has light weight and high material strength, which can improve the service life of the machine. Designed for long component life. Rugged steel frame, mining grade components, heavy-duty all mechanical powertrain, severe-duty electrical system and collet-style pins.


Comfortable:Engineered for operator comfort and visibility for enhanced performance and zero injuries. Easy-to-use two-hand controls simplify training and operation of this underground diesel loader.


​Customized: Customize to meet your needs. Some of the options that can be customized include body and baffle engine selection, enclosed cab, hydraulic joints standard optional, automatic centralized, lubricated, centralized fire extinguishing system.

FKWJ-0.6 Scooptram

FKWJ-0.6 Underground Diesel Loader


1200 kg0.6 m³4910 mm1150 mm1825 mm58 kw

Diesel Engine

FKWJ-12000 kg1 m³5700 mm1300 mm1920 mm
58 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-24000 kg7060 mm1500 mm2009 mm84 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-37000 kg3 m³9350 mm2150 mm2252 mm165 kw
Diesel Enginedown
FKWJ-48000 kg4 m³9400 mm2500 mm2300 mm170 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-614000 kg10502 mm2864mm2545mm 256 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-0.6E1200 kg0.6 m³4960 mm1150 mm1760 mm30 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-1E2000 kg1 m³5710 mm1300 mm1920 mm45 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-2E4000 kg2 m³7130 mm1840 mm1964 mm75 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-3E6000 kg3 m³8600 mm2160 mm2760 mm90 kwElectric Motordown
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