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Underground Diesel Loader

FKWJ-1 Scooptam for underground mine

The FKWJ-1 is a small robust underground loader. The combination of small size and powerful performance is the key to the FKWJ-0.75 mini scooptram to achieve excellent productivity in a small space.
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The FKWJ-1 Underground Loader has a powertrain tuned specifically for incline speeds to handle harsh ground conditions and deliver maximum production across all speed ranges. It has the strength and durability needed to work in harsh conditions, but its precise control and efficient operation set it apart. It offers exceptional stability, excellent digging and lifting capabilities, a variety of efficiency-enhancing features, and a transmission that delivers constant power.
The basic structure of diesel scraper is the same as that of underground scraper. It is characterized by the discharge of a large number of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, aldehydes and carbon and other harmful substances in the process of work, pollution of the working environment, damage to human health. Therefore, diesel exhaust has strict requirements, generally specified carbon monoxide ≤30mg/m3, nitrogen oxide ≤8mg/m3. The main technical measures to reduce the harm of exhaust gas are strictly controlling the emission of harmful gas from diesel engine exhaust gas and setting up the exhaust gas purification equipment outside the engine.


General Parameter                    Loader Weight & Capacity
Rated capacity  2000kgScooptram weight6780 kg
Length5700mmLoad weight8780 kg
Width(bucket)1395mm                    Traveling Performance
Width(frame)1300mmForward/backward0-12 km/h
Height(cabin)1920mmGrade ability25%
Bucket volume1 m3Max. Traction54 KN
Discharging height1300mmMax. Shovel45 KN
Wheelbase1880 mmTyre size  10.0-20
Min. Ground clearance195mmTyre pressure0.6-0.7 MPa
Departure angle   15°                          Diesel Engine
Steering angle left/right 38°BrandGermany DEUTZ
Rear axle swing±6.5°Model  D914L04
Min. Turning radiusinner 2100 mmType  Air cooling, Tier III, Stage 3A
 Min. Turning radiusOuter 4120 mmRated Power  58KW/2300rpm
Hydraulic Pump                                  Bucket
Brand  SAUERMaterialManganese steel
Model PV22Ejector BucketFor optional
TypeFully reversible variable piston pumpControl system
Hydraulic motor Manual controlYES
Brand SAUERRemotor controlFor optional
ModelMV 22Fire system
Type Imported Variable piston motorManual Fire extinguisher  YES
Lubrication systemCentralized Fire extinguisher  For optional
Manual lubricationYES

Centralized lubrication For optional


Main parts are imported top brand, like Deutz Engine, Sauer PV pumps and motors, Parker pump and valves etc.;


Brake system is equipped with Forceps disc, hydraulic release and spring brake, supply better braking performance; Central articulated full hydraulic steering.


Tailor made size and optional parts for customers to choose: remote control, ejector bucket etc.


1200 kg0.6 m³4910 mm1150 mm1825 mm58 kw

Diesel Engine

FKWJ-12000 kg1 m³5700 mm1300 mm1920 mm
58 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-24000 kg7060 mm1500 mm2009 mm84 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-37000 kg3 m³9350 mm2150 mm2252 mm165 kw
Diesel Enginedown
FKWJ-48000 kg4 m³9400 mm2500 mm2300 mm170 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-614000 kg10502 mm2864mm2545mm 256 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-0.6E1200 kg0.6 m³4960 mm1150 mm1760 mm30 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-1E2000 kg1 m³5710 mm1300 mm1920 mm45 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-2E4000 kg2 m³7130 mm1840 mm1964 mm75 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-3E6000 kg3 m³8600 mm2160 mm2760 mm90 kwElectric Motordown
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