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Underground Diesel Loader

FKWJ-4 Underground Diesel Loader

The Scooptram FKWJ-4 is a reliable 8 ton capacity underground loader that delivers unrivaled productivity in tough underground conditions. The FKWJ-4 Underground Loader is designed for high production, low cost tonnage and tamping in underground mining applications.
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FKWJ-4 Underground Diesel Loader

The Scooptram FKWJ-4 is a reliable 8 ton capacity underground loader that delivers unrivaled productivity in tough underground conditions. The FKWJ-4 Underground Loader is designed for high production, low cost tonnage and tamping in underground mining applications. An operator favorite, it provides a safe, comfortable ride in the cab with easy-to-use controls and efficiency-enhancing features that optimize performance and maximize productivity. Its compact design provides flexible performance combined with robust construction and simplified maintenance to ensure excellent productivity, long life and low operating costs.

FKWJ-4 Underground Loader Specific Description

FKWJ-4 underground diesel loader fuel efficient  engine delivers powerful thrust for fast bucket filling and high speed tramming for high productivity. The engine for unrivaled traction when digging, pedaling and traversing steep grades. Optional engines comply with EU Stage III and US EPA Tier 3 standards. Optional Reduced Ventilation (VR) package, which combines selective engine hardware and software to reduce diesel particulate matter in engine exhaust and provide significant ventilation rate reductions, lower fuel consumption, and maintain or enhance product performance . Torque rises to effectively match transmission shift points for maximum efficiency and fast cycle times. Four sizes of dump buckets provide unmatched productivity and structural reliability, featuring two types of cast corners to help strengthen the side plate-lip engagement and allow for a variety of cutting edges. The frame is designed to withstand the extreme forces generated during loading and pedaling cycles, with deep penetration and consistent welds that ensure a solid fusion of the structure, providing a solid platform for the linkage and axle.

To make your job easier, we offer digital add-ons ranging from diagnostics and remote control to fully autonomous operation.


1.Ergonomic canopy and side seats provide good two-way view operation.

2.Enhanced boom and load frame geometry optimize digging performance



General ParameterWeight 
 Rated capacity 10000 kgOperating weight30500 kg
 Length9790 mmFully loaded40500 kg
Width(Include bucket)2660 mmTramming Capacities
Height(with Canopy)2350 mm1 shift forward/backward4 km/h
 Bucket volume4 m³  2 shift forward/backward 10 km/h
Ground clearance375 mm3 shift forward/backward 16 km/h
Dump angle 38°4 shift forward/backward 20 km/h
Max. dumping heigh2310 mmGrade ability25%  (load)
Dumping distance1520 mmDiesel Engine
Max. lifting height5500 mmBrandVOLVO
Max. tractive effort≥240 kNTypeTAD853VE
Max. tipping load203 kNDesignWater-cooled diesel engine
Breakout force185 kNMax. power235kW/2200rpm
Oscillating angle of rear frame± 8°Max. torque1300Nm/1500rpm
Departure angle14°Air intake systemDry air filter
Torque ConverterExhaust systemDOC exhaust gas catalytic , Purifier and muffler
Brand American DANAStarter, power/voltage5.5kW/24V
TypeC5000Alternator, voltage/ampere28V/110 A

Single  stage  industrial  type  with

 auxiliary  drives  for  steering  

and dump/host hydraulic system

Exhaust quality MeetsU.S. EPA Tier 3 and EU Stage Ⅲ A
Front AxlePower Shift Transmission 
ManufacturerKESSLERBrand American DANA
TypeD102TypeR36000 Series
DesignRigid  planetary  axles  with  limited 
slip differential

Power shift transmission

 with 4 forward and 4 reverse gears

Rear AxleBrakes
ManufacturerKESSLERDesignSpring applied hydraulic release.       
Fully enclosed, force cooled multiple
Wet discs at each wheel end.    
TypeD102Brake system designSet service, parking and emergency
Brake in one
DesignRigid planetary axles with No-Spin
Service brake accumulator pressure15.5-18.6 MPa
Wheels& TiresSteering
Size18.00-25 TTTypeOrbit type
Tire filling pressure7.5 barDesignswivel-joint hydraulic power steering
 Hydraulic SystemSteering angle± 42.5°
Pump delivery flow rate260 L/minInner clearance circle3265±200 mm
System pressure27 MPaOuter Clearance circle6500±200 mm
Number of dump hydraulic cylinders1Electrical Equipment
Number of hoist hydraulic cylinders2Operating voltage24V
Lifting time<7.8sBatteries2×12V/120Ah
Lowering time<4.8 sLighting System
Dumping time<3 sMain headlights4×27 W
Steering hydraulic systemElectric Joystick controlReversing headlights4×27 W
Pump delivery flow rate100 L/minReverse alarming112 dB
System pressure19 MPaBeacon light1
Number of steering cylinders2Safety Features
Optional ConfigurationsCanopySAE heavy duty tubular canopy ROPS/FOPS
Remote controlOptionalFire suppressionPortable manual fire extinguisher
Centralized lubrication systemOptionalMachine start-upMachine start on transmission neutral position
 Self-extinguishing configureOptionalServicing

Boom lock mechanism when servicing

 machine with boom raised   

Filling VolumesParking brakeBrake automaticity when Engine turn off
Fuel tank350 LDoor limit switch

Parking brake works and not allow to start

 Engine on if the door open

Hydraulic tank260 LAudible alarmReverse alarming
Diesel engine oil pan27 L Operator Cabin
Engine coolant36 LOperator AreaSide seating, with easy access to all controls 
Torque converter/power shift45 LOperator SeatSpring cushioned seat. Adjustable
Horizontal distance from control
Panel and vertical height from
Operator’s cabin floor
Front axle differential gear35 LMeters/gaugesTachometer and hourmeter
Torque converter pressure gauge  
Torque converter temperature gauge
Front axle planetary gear2×6.5 LJoystick operating force≤120 N
Rear axle differential gear35 LPedal operating force≤350 N
Rear axle planetary gear2×6.5 LOperating noise≤90 dB(A)


Cast boom cross-tube: The FKWJ-4 Underground Diesel Loader features a reinforced boom design and refined unit geometry ;


Low emission engine to ensure sustainable mining ;


Ergonomic cab : The 07 cab is designed to enhance operator performance with enhanced ergonomics, intuitive and easy-to-operate controls, and comfort features that reduce fatigue during long shifts.


1200 kg0.6 m³4910 mm1150 mm1825 mm58 kw

Diesel Engine

FKWJ-12000 kg1 m³5700 mm1300 mm1920 mm
58 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-24000 kg7060 mm1500 mm2009 mm84 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-37000 kg3 m³9350 mm2150 mm2252 mm165 kw
Diesel Enginedown
FKWJ-48000 kg4 m³9400 mm2500 mm2300 mm170 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-614000 kg10502 mm2864mm2545mm 256 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKWJ-0.6E1200 kg0.6 m³4960 mm1150 mm1760 mm30 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-1E2000 kg1 m³5710 mm1300 mm1920 mm45 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-2E4000 kg2 m³7130 mm1840 mm1964 mm75 kwElectric Motordown
FKWJ-3E6000 kg3 m³8600 mm2160 mm2760 mm90 kwElectric Motordown
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