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How to distinguish mine trucks from underground mine trucks

Feb. 16, 2021

Introduce Mine Truck

Mine truck, a strong and durable equipment, is a key role in mine operations. By itself, it undertook the responsibility of transporting precious resources such as ore and coal from mine entrances to processing sites or ports. Its efficient operation enables the development and utilization of mineral resources to proceed smoothly.

 Mining trucks are divided into two types: non-dump and self-dump, each has its own characteristics. Non-dump trucks consist of one or multiple carriages, transported with the help of tractors or other equipment, suitable for short distances or do not require frequent unloading. The advantage of this mine truck is its strong and durable structure, which can withstand the harsh test of the mine environment.

The dump mining truck has a more convenient unloading capacity, and can automatically dump the ore in the compartment, which is suitable for long-distance transportation and the need for frequent unloading occasions. Its carriage design is reasonable, can quickly and accurately unload the goods, improve the transportation efficiency.

 When selecting mining trucks, the actual situation and transportation needs of the mine need to be considered. It is necessary to customize the mining car according to the gauge of the mine, select the appropriate number and size of the carriages, as well as consider factors such as the loading capacity, driving speed and reliability of the truck. Only through comprehensive consideration can we choose the most suitable mining truck.
 For the transportation of some dangerous goods, such as explosive dangerous goods, it is necessary to use special transport trucks that meet the requirements of explosion-proof and anti-static electricity. This kind of truck usually consists of two parts, the upper half is divided into dangerous goods storage cabinet, and the lower half is divided into transport trucks, which can meet the strict requirements of the mine for dangerous goods transportation. Its design is meticulous, to ensure the safety of the transportation process.

 In general, the mining truck plays an irreplaceable role in the mine operation, and it provides strong support for the development and utilization of mineral resources with its strong loading capacity and rugged characteristics. Whether they are non-dump or dump mining trucks, they all play an important role in their respective fields. At the same time, for the transport of dangerous goods, the emergence of special transport trucks is to provide a guarantee for the safe transport of the mine.

Introduce Underground Truck

Underground mining truck, a special truck specially designed for underground mine transport, is significantly different from the general road transport truck. It has strong horsepower, strong durability and strong loading capacity, so that it can also operate in the mine environment.

The carriage design of the underground mining truck is unique, using its own gravity and hydraulic control reset, making loading and unloading more convenient. The engine drives the hydraulic pump through a transmission and load device to provide a steady stream of power to the entire hydraulic system. The hydraulic tipping mechanism of the carriage consists of precision components such as fuel tank, hydraulic pump, hydraulic distribution valve, lifting hydraulic cylinder, control valve and oil pipe, so that the carriage can easily cope with various operation needs.

When choosing underground mining trucks, the specific working conditions and requirements need to be fully considered. Factors such as transport distance, transport volume, road conditions, and the type of mine will all affect the choice of trucks. At the same time, the maintenance and maintenance of the truck is also crucial to ensure the safety and stable operation of the truck.

With its excellent performance and practicability, the underground mine transport truck has become the right-hand man of the underground mine operation. Whether it is long distance transportation or short distance operation, underground mining trucks can provide efficient, stable and reliable transportation services, which provides a strong guarantee for the smooth progress of mine operation.



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