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Underground multifunctional service vehicle

An underground multi-purpose service vehicle is a vehicle specially designed for use in underground mines, tunnels or other underground engineering environments and is designed to provide a variety of functions and services to support the operation and maintenance of mines or underground engineering.
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Scissor Lifting 

The working mechanism is equipped with a cutting-type lifting platform, which is mainly used for various auxiliary material transportation and roadway maintenance (roof, pole, hanging net, pipe layout, etc.) in underground mines. TheFKJP205 Scissor Lifting can assist hourly operating hours to increase productivity in underground mines.

FKJP205 Scissor Lifer

The empty weight is 5 tons and the full weight is 13.4 tons. The maximum lifting height (here refers to the height of the platform from the ground) is 3500 mm, and the standard load capacity is 4 tons. The lifting scissors are single scissors with 4 hydraulic supports. The lifting time of the equipment is controlled within 40 seconds. The steering type adopts the swivel joint, and the hydraulic power steering is driven by two double-acting steering cylinders, and the steering angle is ±42°. The service brake configuration is hydraulic. The parking brake is configured spring applied and hydraulically released. Braking pressure type 4.5Mpa.

Underground multifunctional service vehicle

FKYR22 Underground Mining Personal Carrier Specific Description

The empty weight of the underground personal carrier is 12 tons, and the full weight is 16 tons. There are 16 people in our car. The compartment is enclosed with hand guards. The steering type adopts the central hinge, and the hydraulic power steering is driven by two double-acting steering cylinders. The service brake configuration is hydraulic brake and spring release. The parking brake is configured spring applied and hydraulically released. Our model has good stopping power. The braking distance of 8km/h under full load is 2m.

Crane cassette 

The crane cassette material handling capacity is 5 tons and is designed for the transportation of bulk materials in underground mines and tunnels. Compact and flexible, it has an ergonomic FOPS/ROPS-approved cab and comes with a host of safety features as standard. The vehicle can be mounted with a crane to increase productivity and features opening side and rear platform edges.

Underground multifunctional service vehicle

Fuel Transportation 

The fuel vehicle is equipped with an on-board refueling system. It has a FOPS/ROPS-approved cab and comes standard with numerous safety features and front axle suspension.It can transport water, fuel, lubricants or fire-extinguishing equipment, and can be transported through underground tunnels and delivered to designated locations.

Underground multifunctional service vehicle

Main DimensionsSteering system
Seats16 ( personnel cassette)TypeSteering wheel control
Vehicle length8138mmSteering angle±40°
Vehicle height2458mmTurning radiusInner 4000± 200mm
Vehicle Width1863mm
Outer 6193±200mm
Tramping CapacitiesHydraulic System
Max. attractive≥90kNHydraulic Steering control unitDouble gear pump
1st gear(forward)5.0km/hHydraulic steering gearLoad sensor steering gear
2nd gear(forward)10.9km/hSystem pressure15MPa
3rd gear(forward)24.5km/hSteering cylinder2
Max. Grade ability25%Cabin
Grade ability (fully loaded)2nd gear 6.7km/h at 15%Operating areaEnclosed cabin, Forward seating
Transmission SystemSeatsAdjustable seat
Torque converter
and transmission
DANAStructural features

Froward driving position throttle and brake,

 with data display, fault alarm

Manufacturer1201FT20000 seriesMeters/gauges

Tachometer, Pre-heat indicator, Engine oil temperature

 gauge, Brake pressure gauge,transmission pressure 

gauge, Brakepressure low warning light, engine oil 

pressure warning light

TypePower shift transmission with 3Filling Volumes
Structural featuresforward and 3 reverse gears eachFuel tank110L
AxlesHydraulic tank140L
ManufacturerDANADiesel engine oil pan11L
Type112Torque converter/power shift24L
Structural featuresRigid planetary axles
with differential gear
Front axle differential gear9L
BrakesFront axle planetary gear2x1.3L
Service brakeLCBRear axle differential gear6L
Parking brake/emergency
Spring applied, hydraulic
 release (SAHR)
Rear axle planetary gear2x1.3L
Structural featuresFully enclosed, oil cooled
multiple wet discs at each axle
Safety Features
Electrical equipmentCabinSAE heavy duty canopy (ROPS/FOPS)
Operating voltage24VFire protection devicePortable manual fire extinguisher
Battery2×12V/120AhStarting deviceMachine starts on transmission neutral position
Lighting systemReversing alarm112dB
Front lights(LED)2×27W

Rear lights (LED)2×27W

Roof light(LED)1×27W

Warning light1


Auxiliary transport equipment, which can adapt to the special environment of underground mines, and is mainly used for transporting personnel underground;


It adopts hydromechanical transmission system, the front and rear body joint structure, fully enclosed wet brake.


With shock absorption system, it has the characteristics of comfortable ride, safety and high running speed.


FKYR22Capacity: 208250 mm2280 mm2400 mm97 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKJP205Scissor Lifting8095 mm1860 mm2343 mm97 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKYB205Arm Lifting8745 mm1860 mm2490 mm97 kwDiesel Enginedown
FK206DRated loader: 10057 kg7495 mm1863 mm2400 mm97 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKPS-100Breaker: SB507500 mm1800 mm3300 mm107 kwDiesel Enginedown
FKQM-45Breaker: SB307300 mm1420 mm1920 mm42 kwDiesel Enginedown

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