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Introduction of Face Drilling Jumbos

Jan. 14, 2020


Rock drilling rigs can be divided into tunnel boring rigs, mining drill rigs, anchor drilling rigs and rock drilling rigs for open-pit mining, etc.; According to the traveling mechanism of the drilling rig, it can be divided into rail wheel, tire and crawler type; according to The number of rock drilling rigs to be erected can be divided into single, double and multi-machine drilling rigs. It introduces in detail its development status at home and abroad, working organization, classification, application, fault analysis, development trends, etc. 

Classification of Jumbo

2.1 Rail trolley

The car body is generally a gantry type, so it is often called a gantry type rock drilling rig. The upper part has 2 to 3 layers of working platforms, which can install multiple (up to 21) rock drills; the lower part can pass ballast loaders, transport vehicles and other machinery. This kind of trolley has multiple functions such as drilling, charging, supporting, and measuring. It was developed to meet the needs of large-section tunnel construction and at the same time overcome the shortcomings of low drilling efficiency of hand-held rock drills. It is popularized and applied in the construction of railway tunnels and hydraulic tunnels. A self-propelled rock drilling mechanical equipment with several drilling arms (used to install rock drills, usually 1 to 4 units) installed on the vehicle body. The drilling arm can be turned arbitrarily, and the rock drill can be operated to drill holes (holes) in any position and direction on the working surface. Drilling (hole) parameters are more accurate, drilling efficiency is high, and the working environment is greatly improved.The power of the trolley is divided into mechanical type and hydraulic type. The latter is widely used and has a high degree of automation. The entire drilling (hole) procedure is controlled by a computer. During the development process, the ladder-type rock drilling rig with pneumatic rock drills was initially used, and was gradually replaced by the gantry-type rock drilling rig with hydraulic rock drills.

2.2 Tire track

Mainly driven by a diesel engine, it is equipped with 2 to 6 high-speed rock drills. The vehicle body has a small turning radius, is flexible, and has high efficiency. It is generally used for tunnel excavation in mines, and can also be used for excavation of tunnels and underground projects. 

Our company mainly produces rock drilling rigs in the form of tires. There are 4 models of rock drilling rigs we produce. Below we will introduce these models to you.

FK20-1BCDL Single Boom Face Drilling Jumbo

Introducing the Face Drilling Jumbo Introduction:

FK20-1BCDL is a single boom elector-hydraulic drilling jumbo for fast and accurate drilling for small-vein underground mining and tunneling and construction applications. The jumbo is suitable for tunnel with coverage area max. up 6.0-meter x 6.1 meters with 15°grade ability at maximum load on four drive wheels. Drilling hole diameter range from 32mm to 76mm. The drill boom can rotate 360 degrees and is equipped with automatic anti-jamming function. It has a compact structure, stable performance and strong climbing ability. It is suitable for drilling operations on working faces, roofs, side panels and bottom plates with a section of 8-45m². Not only it can drill blast holes, but also drill bolts very conveniently. The Jumbo is equipped with new model Focor550 hydraulic rock drill, the impact frequency is 50-68Hz higher than other similar brand.  

FK20-2BCDL Face Drilling Jumbo

Introducing the Face Drilling Jumbo Introduction:

FK20-2BCDL hydraulic face drilling jumbo is designed for underground mining, tunneling, and construction applications. It is suitable for medium- to large tunnel with coverage area max. up to 8.7 meters x 6.3 meters. Drilling hole diameter ranges from 32mm to 76mm, hole depth ranges from 2.1 to 3.5 meters. The jumbo is equipped with a patent-winning Focor 550 Hydraulic rock drill with 24KW impact power.The electric motor provides power for the operation. The hydraulic system controls the drilling process, and the the diesel engine provides the power for the moving and slope climbing of the jumbo. Safe and efficient hydraulic-driven system applies to the entire machine. Separate hydraulic pumps controls anti- jamming, feeding, and rotary of the drilling process. All the alarm indicators, such as the overheat indicators for water and oil temperature, guarantee the miners to know the real conditions of the jumbo all the time.  

FK80-2BCDL Twin Boom Face Drill Rig 

FK80-2BCDL are modern hydraulic face drilling rigs suitable for medium sized drifts and tunnels with cross sections up to 64 ㎡. The rigs are equipped with a direct control system (DCS) that is robust and reliable. FK80-2BCDL is equipped with a heavy-duty boom and Focor 550 rock drill for optimized productivity. For greater productivity, rig components are crafted for extreme durability, and systems are based on standard parts to make the rig easy and economical to maintain. When you need high performance drilling, you can rely on CYTJ86A2H to safely increase your production. 

FK80-3BCDL Triple Boom Face Drill Rig

FK80-3BCDLis a perfect and powerful drilling rig suitable for large sized tunnels with extensive coverage areas up to 205 m2. The triple-boom with service basket makes it perfect choice for construction projects. Breaking ground is made easy thanks to the computerized intelligent control system and heavy-duty booms, which allows the miners to rapidly advance in the toughest rock conditions. The durable rig makes excellent investments given their long-lasting drill strings, high drilling accuracy and reduced overbreak.   



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