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How to choose an underground diesel loader

Dec. 06, 2022

What is underground diesel loader?

Underground mining loaders are heavy equipment used in underground mining operations to load excavated materials such as coal onto trucks or conveyors. These loaders are critical for efficient extraction of minerals from underground mines.

How to choose an underground mining diesel loader ?

1) Power source: Diesel engines are commonly used in underground mining loaders due to their high torque, durability and reliability in harsh underground environments.

2)Capacity: LHDs are available in different sizes and capacities to match the specific needs of mining operations

3) Joint steering:Many underground loaders are designed with articulated chassis for better maneuverability in tight spaces and underground passages.
4) Bucket size and type:The bucket of a scraper is a critical component used to scoop and transport materials. The size and type of bucket depends on the size of the material being handled and the capacity requirements of the scraper.

5) Security features:Underground mining is a hazardous environment, so safety features are critical. This may include rollover protection systems, fire suppression systems and ergonomic cockpits.
6) Ventilation and Emissions Control:The underground environment requires careful management of emissions to maintain air quality. Diesel loaders may be equipped with emission treatment systems to minimize pollutant emissions.

7) Visibility:Good visibility in the cockpit is critical to safe and efficient operations. Some scrapers are equipped with cameras and sensors to assist the operator.Remote control or autonomous operation:
Some modern loader can be operated remotely or autonomously, allowing the operator to control the machine from a safe distance, or in some cases eliminating the need for an operator entirely.
8) Maintain accessibility:Design features that facilitate maintenance and repair are critical to minimizing mining operation downtime.

9) Cost and efficiency:Striking a balance between initial cost, operating efficiency and maintenance costs is important to the economic viability of a mine operation.

3. Introducing FKWJ-4 Scooptram

The Scooptram FKWJ-4 is a reliable 8 ton capacity underground loader that delivers unrivaled productivity in tough underground conditions. The FKWJ-4 Underground Loader is designed for high production, low cost tonnage and tamping in underground mining applications. An operator favorite, it provides a safe, comfortable ride in the cab with easy-to-use controls and efficiency-enhancing features that optimize performance and maximize productivity. Its compact design provides flexible performance combined with robust construction and simplified maintenance to ensure excellent productivity, long life and low operating costs.

How to choose an underground diesel loader



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