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Loader and Truck For Mining

Nov. 13, 2023

1. What is underground wheel loader ?

Underground wheel loader  is a type of trackless mining machine and is widely used in mining and transportation in underground mines. The underground loader  includes wheels, tractor beam, frame, hydraulic device, bucket with shovel mechanism, bracket mechanism and frame lifting adjustment mechanism. 

2. What is underground truck ?
The underground mining truck is a kind of underground mining transport truck, which is specially used for transporting ore, ore, earthwork and other materials in underground mines. This kind of vehicle usually has a large load capacity and is strong and durable to adapt to the underground working environment.

3. Mining Loader Advantage
1) Has the advantage of being convenient and lightweight for underground mining loader
2) Strong flexibility: The underground loader is suitable for operating conditions in narrow mine   tunnels and sites, as well as underground operating conditions, and has a wide range of activities.
3) The cab can be designed according to the principles of human engineering to make the driver's operation more comfortable and safer. Through a large amount of electronic information technology and computer network technology, they have been widely used in underground scrapers. The degree of automation is getting higher and higher, which greatly reduces driver fatigue and improves the working environment, thus greatly improving productivity.
4) The underground loader uses an electric motor as the power source, which solves the problem of poor ventilation conditions in mine tunnels. At the same time, its unique fully hydraulic servo cable winding system makes the cable retracting and unwinding smoother and more stable, better protecting the cable from accidental damage, and effectively extending the service life of the cable.
4.Mining Truck Advantage
1)Strong adaptability: It can work in various terrain conditions such as mines, tunnels, mines, mountain roads, mud roads, etc. The smoke passing function can help maintain air quality in the operating area.
2)Fast driving speed: The driving speed of underground mine trucks can reach 40-50 miles, making the work efficient.
3)Dual exhaust gas purification treatment: equipped with precious metal catalysis and water exhaust.
4)Oil roof unloading system: Each underground mining truck is equipped with an oil roof unloading system, which can place the digging arm to improve work efficiency.

5. Conclusion

A loader is an underground engineering machine used for digging, loading, transporting and dumping ore in hard rock mines. It can easily handle harsh working conditions and has strong power, strength and reliability to help maximize productivity. The heavy-duty front and rear frames are specially designed to cope with harsh underground environments, and their excellent quality, reliability and durability are more suitable for underground mine operations. Ore trucks are mainly used for shoveling underground mines and transporting blasted ore and rubble. They can also be used in railways, highways and engineering projects. This machine can be used for loading, transporting and unloading by a single person. It is especially suitable for harsh working conditions, narrow, low and muddy work sites.



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