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Underground Truck

Underground Truck

FOCOR Machinery supply articulated dump trucks for underground mining and tunneling with capacities from 6 to 42 tons, and hopper sizes from 3 to 20m3.

FOCOR underground trucks have small turning radius, high efficient payload and four-wheel drive, central articulated steering.Oscillation by slewing bearing amounted front and rear frames enable the four wheels driving at any tie in the rugged rock road. The vehicles have an excellent power to weight ratio to ensure high speeds even in high gradients. 

The trucks’s frame is made of high strength alloy steel plate, the chassis strength increased by 33%. The engine brake & converter lockup function (optional) can help mine to improve the safety and reduce the fuel consumption.The particularly basic and robust design of the vehicles ensures a long service life at low operating costs. 


 Main Technical Features:

Deutz, Cummins and China brand engines for choose;

DANA, Kessler shift transmission and torque converter for optional;

DANA, Kessler and China brand Axles for optional

Pilot-operated with joystick control.

Electric Shift / Hydraulic control shift

Compact enables operation in restricted spaces

High payload-to-weight ratio maximizes metric tons transported.


Lincoln automatic central lubrication

Ansul Fire Suppression system.

Fully enclosed cabin with air conditioner


FUK-66000 kg3 m³5950 mm1500 mm2009 mm84 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-88000 kg4 m³7670 mm1800 mm2300 mm115 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1010000 kg5 m³7670 mm1800 mm2300 mm115 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1212000 kg6 m³7560 mm2047 mm2410 mm165 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1515000 kg7.5 m³7678 mm2250 mm2410 mm165 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1818000 kg9 m³8300 mm2100 mm2310 mm165 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-2020000 kg10 m³9204 mm2400 mm2530 mm170 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-3030000 kg15 m³10100 mm2640 mm2660 mm285 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-4242000 kg20 m³10823 mm3020 mm2850 mm405 kwDiesel Enginedown

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+86 531 8880 2487