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FUK-42 Underground Truck

The 42-ton mine truck is a heavy-duty truck commonly used in underground mining and construction operations. The FUK-42 is a high-speed articulated underground mining truck with a carrying capacity of 42 tons.
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FUK-42 Underground Mining Truck Product Description

The 42-ton underground mining truck is a heavy-duty truck mainly used for underground mining operations. This mine truck has a strong carrying capacity, can easily bear a weight of 42 tons, and can travel in underground mines.
The truck of this type of mine truck usually adopts an articulated design to allow it to travel flexibly in rugged underground mines. In addition, this mine truck is equipped with ergonomically designed controls, allowing the operator to drive comfortably for long periods of time.In order to improve production efficiency, this mine truck also adopts a variety of innovative designs. For example, the cab can be tilted to provide easier entry and exit for the operator. Most filters are housed in an easily accessible maintenance compartment, making maintenance quick and efficient. The innovative tailgate design can reduce material spillage during unloading, making loading easier. 

The 42-ton underground mine truck not only has a strong carrying capacity, but is also equipped with various safety and comfort features to ensure the safety and comfort of the operator. First of all, this mine truck uses high-strength materials and advanced welding technology to make the vehicle structure more solid and stable, and can withstand various complex environments and harsh conditions in underground mines. 

FUK-42 Underground Articulated Truck Advantage

First, the maintenance costs of this type of mine truck are relatively low. Because the vehicle uses advanced technology and high-quality materials, the vehicle has a lower failure rate and is more convenient and faster to maintain. In addition, the vehicle's fuel efficiency is also high, which can save a lot of fuel costs.
Secondly, this kind of mine truck has high production efficiency. Due to the vehicle's powerful carrying capacity and efficient loading and unloading system, the vehicle can complete a large number of transportation tasks in a short period of time, thus improving production efficiency.
In addition, this kind of mining truck also has a small negative impact on the environment. The vehicle adopts environmentally friendly technologies, such as exhaust gas treatment and noise control, so that the impact of the vehicle on the environment is effectively controlled.In general, the 42-ton underground mining truck is a high-performance, high-efficiency, safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly heavy-duty truck suitable for various underground mining and construction operations. It is an indispensable work partner for operators, helping them complete various tasks more efficiently.



General Parameter Loader Weight & Capacity
Rated capacity  42000 kgTruck weight78000 kg
Length  10823 mmLoading weight  36000 kg
Width   3020 mmTraveling performance
Height(canopy)2850 mm1 shift forward/backward5 km/h
Dump box width3000 mm2 shift forward/backward6.6  km/h
Ground clearance≥400 mm3 shift forward/backward8.8 km/h
Capacity(SAE heaped)17 m3 4 shift forward/backward11.8 km/h
Capacity(SAE stow)20 m3Grade ability15%  (load)
Dump angle62°Max. Traction420 KN
 Min. Turning radiusInner 5077±200 mmDiesel Engine
 Min. Turning radius  Outer 9129±200 mmBrandVolvo
Torque ConverterModelTAD1650VE
BrandAmerican DANATypeWater cooling diesel engine 
Model  CL9000Power Max405kW(551HP)/1900 rpm 
Shift TransmissionTorque2757Nm/1260 rpm 
BrandAmerican DANAAir intake system Dry air filter

Power shift transmission

 with 8 forward and 2 reverse

 MaterialManganese steel
Driver Cabin Axle
 Reinforced with 6mm steel panelYESBrandKESSLER 
 Side-seat layout with good visionYESModelD106
 Closed Cabin with air conditionerFor optionalDesignStandard differential
Lubrication systemSwingFront axle ±8°
Manual lubricationYESFire system
Centralized lubricationFor optional

Manual Fire extinguisherYES     

Centralized Fire extinguisher For optional


Tailor made size and optional parts for customers to choose: remote control, Centralized lubrication, rear view camera etc.


Our underground mining trucks are built with safety and ease of operation in mind. Standard safety features and comfortable working conditions help increase production.


Braking System consisted of Working brake and Stop brake, with Fully enclosed and Multi-disc wet hydraulic brake, Stop brake with spring brake;


FUK-66000 kg3 m³5950 mm1500 mm2009 mm84 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-88000 kg4 m³7670 mm1800 mm2300 mm115 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1010000 kg5 m³7670 mm1800 mm2300 mm115 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1212000 kg6 m³7560 mm2047 mm2410 mm165 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1515000 kg7.5 m³7678 mm2250 mm2410 mm165 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-1818000 kg9 m³8300 mm2100 mm2310 mm165 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-2020000 kg10 m³9204 mm2400 mm2530 mm170 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-3030000 kg15 m³10100 mm2640 mm2660 mm285 kwDiesel Enginedown
FUK-4242000 kg20 m³10823 mm3020 mm2850 mm405 kwDiesel Enginedown

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